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All Italia spare parts for classic italian motorcycles: Rubbers

Rubber caps for electrical connections in many different sizes (#1, #4, #5, #6).

Rubber cover for brake hose connections on brake master cylinders (#2, #3).


Rubber cover for Brembo brake switches (#1, #2).

Rubber cover for small brake switches and electrical connections (#3, #4)

Rubber cap long for choke and throttle cables (#5).

Rubber cap short for choke and throttle cables (#6).




Tomaselli black soft rubber grip in the classic cross pattern (#1). Similar to the Verlicci grips but without dimples on the throttle side.

Tomaselli Sport brown natural rubber (#2). A classic grip of the 70s.

Copy of the Tomaselli Daytona hand grip with rip on the throttle side (#3).
Available in black = Can$ 22.00
and brown = Can$ 29.00


Rubber grips racing


Kick and Shift rubbers


Footpeg rubber


Dust cover Ceriani


Dust cover Marzocchi


Dust cover fork


Tank rubbers


Tank straps


Rubber taillight mounts for Enduro and Sport bikes.
#1 = large taillight
#2 = small taillight


Instrument housing


Battery trays


Battery straps